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The town of Taiping (which means ‘everlasting peace’) was born out of desire for peace and harmony. It is also a town of splendid beauty, of natural habitat with a setting of a lake, rivers and hills. It is also full of cultural diversity and a fascinating urban heritage.

Taiping is located in the state of Perak in Malaysia. It is some 70 kilometres south of the beautiful and famous island of Penang.

The town has many Malaysian firsts, among them Malaysia’s first railway (from Taiping to Port Weld), the first modern prison, the first museum, the first hill resort (Maxwell’s Hill, now knows as Bukit Larut), the first Lake Garden. It has many delightful tourist sites. Taiping is also home to a Commonwealth War Cemetery, dedicated to many war victims. It is one of best kept cemeteries in the region.

The Peace Initiative

The citizens of Taiping, through the Taiping Tourist Association, have decided that Taiping should contribute to peace and harmony in the country and the world by launching The Taiping Peace Iniative.

The Initiative was conceived in the year 2000 which was the United Nations Year for a Culture of Peace. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi A. Annan has said:

“For there to be peace among nations, there must also be peace within them, among groups and individuals. The UN Charter says ‘Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defence of peace must be constructed.’ All of us, young and old, rich and poor, governments and civil society alike, must do our part. Let us now pool our efforts and make good on its great potential. The culture of peace can be ours.”

The Director General of UNESCO, Mr Koichiro Matsuura has said:

“Peace can only be achieved through our behaviour, attitudes an everyday acts. The Culture of Peace is the universal culture that is shared by all peoples. It is essential to our common humanity. Together, let us cultivate peace. Let us each ask ourselves ‘What can we do for peace today?’”

What can we do?

The Taiping Peace Initiative will be a long-term, permanent activity at the local, national and global level. It has organised the following main activities:

Ideas and volunteers for these and other agencies and sponsors will be most welcome.